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The Problem:

Paper-based record keeping is simply inadequate to meet patient needs today

Millions worldwide living in developing countries do not have proper medical records. For centuries, medical records have been kept on paper forms. Paper-based record keeping is expensive, slow, inefficient, limited access, time-consuming and simply inadequate to meet patient needs today.

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The Solution:

Meet Trufield

Trufield will create free electronic medical records for everyone.

Trufield platform will use low-cost mobile phone technology already available to billions of people worldwide to provide everyone free electronic medical records to improve healthcare and lives


31/7/2018ICO STARTS
25/9/18ICO ENDS
February, 19MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Our Company

Using blockchain technology to improve the healthcare of millions of people around the world. With Trufield, we can use innovative health data management systems to improve the healthcare of millions of people in developing countries today

Our Vision

To improve the world’s health by creating free accessible digitized medical records platform for everyone. Trufield decentralized application will improve the coordination and continuity of care, reduce errors in information transfer, provide decision-making support for health providers, boost staff accountability, improve legibility of clinical notes and achieve more accurate medical data statistics.

Trufield is essential to assuring quality health care for millions in poor developing countries.

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Trufield Team

We are aware that many projects overpromise but under deliver. Here at Trufield, we under promise but over deliver. Hence we will cut through the noise and let the project do the talking

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Kwabena Owusu Founder & CEO

I realized the need for a good medical records system after my mother Christiana had a life changing medical experience. I worked in an operational manager role on London’s Transport infrastructure, United Kingdom. I have a Bachelor of Science degree from KNUST University, Ghana

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Dr. Joseph Gbene Co-founder & COO

I worked as an Occupational Physician with 13 years experience of working as a Medical Doctor in Ghana. I studied at Cardiff University, United Kingdom

team member
Kwadwo Bentum Market Strategist

I am an experienced marketing strategist and business developer with over 10 years experience in founding and developing businesses. I was CEO of Bentum and Sons Limited. I have an MBA in Finance from University of Leicester, United Kingdom.

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Nee Norteye Chief Data Analyst

I am in charge of data analysis at Trufield. As an experienced performance analyst I will develop performance measurement frameworks to analyze the performance of the Trufield decentralized application. I have an MBA in Research, Economics and Finance from Brunel University, London.

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José María Pando Blockchain expert

I am an expert in blockchain development, especially in the Solidity language, used for creating smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. I have 3 years of experience in software development. I have an Industrial Engineering degree from University of Oviedo, Spain

team member
Marvin Rotermund Compliance Consultant

I am a Certified Lead Auditor in Corporate Sustainability with significant experience in compliance and contract monitoring. Prior to joining Trufield, I worked as a compliance Officer in the London Borough of Camden. United Kingdom. I studied at University of Central Lancashire where I earned a Bachelor of Science degree

team member
Edward Obeng Digital Marketing

I am in charge of digital marketing and communications at Trufield. I am an experienced content creator and writer. I worked as an Editorial Assistant for Gambling Insider and as a Freelance reporter for Blasting News. I studied Journalism at the University of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom.

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Luis Angel Pando Chief Technology Officer

I have 25 years of experience in software development having worked in banks and security companies, among other sectors. I’m an expert in blockchain development and ICOs. I have an Engineering in Computer Science degree from University of Oviedo, Spain

team member
Eric Osei Advisor

Eric Osei is an experienced business and economic development professional. He has over 20 years senior level experience developing and managing multi-million pound (£) strategies and programmes to support business start-up and growth. Eric holds a Master’s Degree in Economic Development (MA), Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA), post graduate qualifications in Management and Project Management

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Philip Kwabena Kyeremateng Advisor

Philip is an Environmental Engineer by profession. He will be analysing and advising on the complex interactions between humans and the natural environment and how it affects human health in developing countries. He has a Master’s degree from Cranfield University (UK), in Environmental Engineering Technology.

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George Tettey Advisor

George is an innovative and experienced professional responsible for the success and growth of several healthcare agencies in the UK through branding, training and compliance. He has extensive experience in re-structuring and innovating technical solutions to meet complex customer requirements when providing healthcare. He has an MSc in Finance and Investment from University of Ghana Business School.

ICO Information
Symbol = TRUF
Soft Cap = 1,200ETH
Hard Cap = 100,000ETH
Price per token = 0.001ETH
Discount at PRE-ICO = 25%
Tokens at PRE-ICO = 17,500,000 TRUFs
Max. amount per person at PRE-ICO = 200 ETH
Maximum token supply = 100,000,000 TRUFs
Crowdsale address = 0xeefeedd3d5f71993c7adaff034be89fb0fdb5496
Token address = 0xc71fea858b3e539f3a61269959025b70505a318c

Token Distribution

Circulating supply = 70,000,000 TRUFs
Founders = 12,000,000 TRUFs
Advisors = 5,000,000 TRUFs
Bounty & referral = 1,000,000. TRUFs
Development team = 4,000,000 TRUFs
Future Partners = 3,000,000 TRUFs
Community = 5,000,000 TRUFs

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Trufield tokens will be available for purchase on the Trufield website and at Cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide. Please note that Trufield does not recommend or endorse any digital asset exchange.

The easiest way to buy Trufield tokens is to use Metamask. Metamask is the Ethereum wallet supported by Trufield. To buy Trufield tokens, follow these steps:

Open metamask (Mainnet) and click on “Send” button:

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Send the amount of Ethers you decide to the Trufield crowdsale address (0xeefeedd3d5f71993c7adaff034be89fb0fdb5496) . Click “Next” button.

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After some seconds, the transaction is mined and you have already the tokens available. Next step is to have them available on Metamask.Then select in the main page the “Tokens” tab and click on the “ADD TOKEN” button.

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Enter the Trufield ERC20 token address (0xc71fea858b3e539f3a61269959025b70505a318c) and click on “ADD” button.

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Done!!. Now you have your tokens on Metamask

No we accept Ethereum (ETH) only.

Trufield does not endorse, recommend, or make any representations with respect to digital wallets. Do your own research to find the wallet best for you.

There will be a target campaign to not only advertise but educate users in Target communities. With the help of governments and institutions, we will launch a mass campaign.

With users consent, collective statistical data collected on patients and healthcare providers can be purchased by vetted governmental agencies and organisations only using specified Trufield tokens amount

Space on the special news feed feature, which is a dedicated health and fitness feature on Trufield application will be a paid service.

Trufield is free and will always be free for users. But the Export medical file feature of the application will consume TRUF tokens. Trufield tokens spent for performing these actions will be transacted to a fund, dedicated to improving and maintaining the Trufield application

When the soft cap is not reached, the smart contract will be destroyed and investors contributions during the ICO will be reimbursed.

The hard cap is 100,000ETH. This will enable us not only to create the application but to deliver it to the targeted users. We understand the challenge of getting individual patients and healthcare organizations motivated to join the effort of storing medical data electronically. Therefore there will be a massive campaign to educate patients and healthcare providers about the need and use of Trufield electronic medical records system. The hard cap will cover the product, marketing and educational programmes cost.

Albert Einstein said “If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough”. Here at Trufield we understand our project well enough to explain it in a concise whitepaper .

Investors should check laws within their respective countries surrounding the purchase and use of cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Pre-sale starts: 03/07/2018
ICO starts: 31/07/2018.
ICO ends: 25/09/2018.
Development starts: October 2018
MVP (Minimum viable product): February 2018
Testing of selected entities: March 2019
Release to the public: May 2019

If you enter your twitter Id you get 5 tokens. If you enter also your Telegram Id you will get another 5 tokens